Top 5 Things to See in Venice

flickr / adriana serra

Venice is one of the world’s most romantic cities in the world. This city, built on piers, often menaced by aqua Alta, has been called and named with many names: Queen of the Adriatic, City of Bridges, or the City of Light. Any name one might call it, Venice remains one popular destination and a favorite among others, especially when it comes to a romantic trip.

With 118 small islands to visit and discover, Venice, though such a small city has plenty of things to offer. With an average of 50,000 tourists a day, this city never ceases to amaze, grace to its wonderful canals, its historical churches, the art inside of them – no wonder it’s sometimes called a living museum.

So what to visit when in Venice? Famous for its Murano glass (there’s also a glass museum in Venice), Venice is the place to come and buy lots of incredible glass-made things and souvenirs. But also, Venice is the place to taste history and romance.

1.Piazza San Marco

Also called “the drawing room of Europe”, Piazza San Marco is the most popular spot in Venice. It’s the central landmark and the former location of all important offices in Venice. Dominated by the basilica, the Doge’s Palace and the basilica’s Campanile (the bell tower), this piazza opens directly into the water, where gondolas are waiting for customers. Nowadays, this place is filled with restaurants, bars, and shops, but still manages to maintain its reputation as the most beautiful square in the world.

Another important element in this piazza is the pigeons (it is said that there are millions of pigeons in this square) and there are only outnumbered by tourists and visitors.

2.Basilica San Marco

This is actually the third building constructed on exactly the same spot in Piazza San Marco, and it was constructed a thousand years ago. Its name comes from the bones of San Marco, which were stolen from the previous churches.

This basilica is famous for its very ornamental façade, with a winged lion made of gold, and which actually represents St. Mark and the symbol of Venice. The church is an amazing construction with a very impressive interior, filled with mosaics, statues. The High Altar in the basilica supposedly contains some of St. Mark’s remains.

3.Doge’s Palace

Dating before Renaissance times, the Doge’s palace actually hosted each of the 120 doges who rules Venice over time. Great artworks cover the impressive walls of this incredibly beautiful building.

One can find paintings from Tintoretto, Titian, Bellini or Veronese inside. One of the most opulent residences ever, it is said that Doge’s palace puts Versailles to shame.

4.The gondolas and the bridges

Nothing is more romantic than a nice, long walk among all the Venetian canals spread out in Venice. The Bridge of Sighs is maybe the most popular and famous bridge ever, together with the Rialto Bridge, which was constructed back in 1500 and actually the first bridge to span the Grand Canal.

The Bridge of Sighs takes its name from all the prisoners who walked over it before being condemned to death, hence the sighs. Another way of getting to know Venice is by renting a gondola, though it’s rather expensive. Still, it’s worth for an hour along the canals of Venice.


This beautiful island between Venice and the sea will make anyone instantly fall in love with it. Its beaches, restaurants, accommodation, and bars, will all impress.

One can get with a Vaporetto in Lido and enjoy the public beach, or rent a little cabana and have that well deserved romantic break just around the corner from the most romantic city in the world.