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Top 5 Music Festivals of The World

Live concerts gather millions of people in various countries in order to grant them a once in a lifetime experience. Indeed the tops music festivals of the world would offer fans the chance to see and sing with their favorite performers and bands. These events would provide us with endless opportunities to relax and have fun in the company of the best music. Some of the festivals managed to enter the history of os music due to their long tradition or overwhelming and revolutionary effect. Therefore those who would like to have their ticket booked for the most dapper events of the season should take a closer look at the most prominent music festivals of the world.

Find out which are some of the most prominent and top music festivals in the world in order to book your tickets earlier on. Watch and sing with your favorite bands and performers and make sure you prepare for the great event with your festival hairstyle and festival outfit. These are some of the most fabulous musical events of the year to mark in your calendar.

1.Coachella(California, USA)

Indio is the best place to visit when it comes to music festivals that would perk up our summer. The festival named Coachella is one of the most prominent musical events organized in the US at the end of April. It gathers millions of people from all over the world due to the versatile and impressive list of performers as well as the mythical place it is organized.

The scene for the concerts is the Empire Polo Fields, the 3 days cathartic festival would offer the chance to those who are fond of electro, rock, alternative rock and even hip hop music to sing along with their favorite bands and watch their live performance outdoors in the breezy summer weather. This year The Chemical Brothers and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were only some of the great acts to listen to. Those who are mesmerized by the festival season should make sure to have the magic tickets for next year’s concerts.

2.Isle of Wight Music Festival (Isle of Wight, UK)

11th and 13th June is the ultimate date with music and its most precious and acclaimed representatives who help fans get into the groove of the fascinating festival season.
The stage of the multitude of concerts is placed as the name of the festival reveal in the Isle of Wight in the US. The 40 years tradition as well as the great guests and a huge number of participants it was oftentimes called the British Woodstock.

Indeed the menu enlists some of the most appreciated members of the Hall of Fame of Pop, Rock and Jazz music, and additionally Indie. The euphoria lasts for 3 days and this year would offer a prominent scene for the performance of Pink, Jay-Z as well as Florence and The Machine. Look through the versatile programs and learn how to enjoy these once in a lifetime experience this summer.

3.Glastonbury Festival (Glastonbury, UK)

Where else could the most sought-after bands gather this year, if not in Glastonbury, UK. Indeed 4 days of a fascinating adventure in the various fields of music would make us more than enthusiastic. The magic date is indeed 24th-28th June, therefore make sure you have your tickets booked beforehand in order to not miss performances like that of the enchanting Lily Allen, rock legend Bruce Springsteen, Shakira, Muse, Norah Jones as well as Faithless and also Fatboy Slim. Be in the first row to see your favorite bands and sing with them some of the most mesmerizing hits.

4.Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark)

Roskilde, Denmark July 1, the world starts to wander to Europe in order to witness one of the world’s greatest music festivals. The Roskilde Festival grants music admirers with 8 days of memorable and overwhelming live acts from prominent bands as Oasis, Kanye West as well as Nine Inch Nails.

The endless music genres feature on the huge list of performers providing everyone with the chance to watch the no less than 180 acts and also participate in other enjoyable and entertaining activities as skate shows and presentations and workshops that target the environmentalist and eco-friendly movement. Be there to pledge your year and enrich the repertoire of live acts that marked your life.

5.Oxegen Festival (Dublin, Ireland)

The Irish festival that lasts no less than 3 days will charm the public with almost 100 acts opening its gates on July 10. Dublin is yet another music center that would offer this time the chance to watch the live acts of performers as Faithless, Kasabian as well as Muse, Jay-Z, and also the uber-popular Black Eyed Peas.

The Oxegen Festival is one of Ireland’s beloved and beguiled music events that would surely offer a memorable experience to those who would like to pile up the exquisite concerts and see listen to some of the decades and even the centuries most admired bands and performers. Make sure you book your ticket beforehand as for the 3 days Ireland opens its doors for millions and millions of fans as well as 80,000 rockers.

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