Discover the Best 10 Beaches in Spain

1.Almuñécar, GRANADA

This town is amazing and the there sunny beach is what all tourists are looking for when vacationing in Spain. Almuñécar has lots of history dating back to 800 B.C. So, besides the white sandy beach, there is great architecture to see in this town of about 26,000 citizens, great family-run seafood restaurants, and loads of hotels at bargain prices. Parking is easy and the weather is great year-round.

2.Benidorm, ALICANTE

One of the most popular vacation cities for most Europeans, and a good reason why, the weather here is pretty much perfect all-year-round, and the local restaurants serve some of the best seafood in the country. There are many tall buildings, English bars, great restaurants, and walkways. The beach is huge (and top-less!) and during summer, it’s hard to find a place in the sand to lay out on, from all the people over-populating the beach, so try going before or after summer.


South of Valencia, this medieval town is dominated by a hilltop castle and a beautiful harbor filled with high-end boats. There is a huge beach with many great seafood restaurants, bars, and high-end shopping. There are (2) museums and plenty of historic ruins and narrow cobblestone streets to walk through. There is also a daily ferry that takes you to Mallorca and Ibiza. The weather here is great all year-round.


 This coastal paradise offers (2) types of beaches, the first one near the port has a gravel beach, marina, and many great restaurants. The second is in the neighborhood of “Arenal”, with its white sandy beaches, great restaurants, bars, and shops make it the perfect vacation location. In Javea, there are many bars that offer live music, offer refreshing cocktails, and stay open late. The weather here is great all year-round.

5.Playa de la Concha, SAN SEBASTIAN

Located in the Basque country, this massive beach is a popular vacation destination for Spaniards, as well as many Europeans. The beach sits in a cove and offers about 500,000 square feet of sand. The water level has little depth, so it’s perfect for kids. The city sits right behind the beach, so there are many tall buildings, including hotels, restaurants, and great shopping. Parking is easy, as they offer underground parking lots.

6.Playa de la Malva-Rosa, VALENCIA

Located in the outer edge of the city, this Mediterranean beach offers miles of white sand, a beautiful long boardwalk, and many restaurants that probably serve the best Paella in Valencia. Parking is located right by the beach and there are many little parks for kids. This beach is located about 2 miles from the famous “La Ciudad de las Ciencias”.

7.Playa de Las Catedrales, GALICIA

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world. During low tide, is when the beach offers the most sand, and you can see all the arches and caves that this amazing landmark has to offer. Even during high tide, you can swim and enjoy this beach. Different than any other beach around, it is made more for sightseeing and exploring that laying out, but definitely worth the visit.

8.Marbella, MALAGA

Considered the “Beverly Hills” of Spain, this up-scale beach city offers some of the best shopping (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Channel), exquisite seafood restaurants, popular high-end resorts, and miles of white sandy beaches. This city is made for tourism, and most Europeans and Middle Easterns visit frequently, mainly because it offers a great nightlife, and also because the climate, is close to perfect year-round.

9.Nerja, MALAGA

This city offers many beaches that are between coves and cliffs. This is the place to eat some of the best “Fried Calamari Rings” you will ever taste. There are several attractions besides the amazing beaches, from the Cueva de Nerja to the Aqueduct. Both a must-see when visiting Nerja. A beautiful little village, to relax on the beach, eat great seafood, and then explore, through its medieval cobblestone streets.

10.Sitges, BARCELONA

Located about 30 minutes south of Barcelona, this beautiful little whitewashed village offers a huge, white sandy beach, great seafood restaurants, and the amazing church of “Sant Bartomeu Santa Tecla”, sitting in-between the city and beach. Parking is easy and located right next to the beach, and the long boardwalk is great to view the Mediterranean, the village, and walk off your food. If you are on a budget, head into town and away from the beach, to eat great tapas at any restaurant or bar at a fraction of the price of the waterfront restaurants.

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