6 Best Honeymoon Destinations For A Romatic Getaway ın Asia

flickr / Roberto Trombetta

Honeymoon, the dream of his life and it’s time to make it real after marriage. Choose a honeymoon destination is unique, with its emphasis on privacy for you and your colleague, you will be at the end. If you are looking for a honeymoon is excellent, but the big-budget as well, and here we reduced the list of budget honeymoon gardens to indulge in another blissful marriage.


Discover Bali, the land of the best beaches are probably one of the foci of the ideal that can be left for the honeymoon out of dreams. A quiet romantic atmosphere, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and local residents for the warm welcome, it feels like you’re in another world. Bali has some of the luxury resorts in the world where couples can be pampered at spas that offer a relaxing atmosphere with a touch of romance.


Off the coast of the Indian Ocean, molded in the Maldives, a nation of coral islands, with numerous sandy beaches, ocean palms and clear, and takes life down to the pace and tranquility, and to ensure that you do not want to leave the country. It is one of the best romantic getaways where couples can also virgin quality time on the beach and enjoy the romantic sunset. The excitement under water is another major attraction here. Cuddle close to each other, and you hypnotized by viewing some marine organisms is incredible!


Pristine beaches and historic sites, a large kitchen and scenes of verdant mountains, can you imagine a better place to spend a honeymoon as expected? Yes, of course, Thailand offers an ideal combination and is definitely the place where you and your partner are sure to ascend to heaven on earth. Can walk in some modern shopping centers with a half or more and a massage course in Bangkok, the capital; honeymoon in Thailand experience not to be missed!


Taj Mahal, and the arrest of “monument of love” in the hearts of many of the honeymoon. And can be expected to honeymoon in India to be the paradise for couples who like to picnic. You’ll be amazed by the culture and warmth that each state has an Indian. Magnificent mountain ranges, spectacular and remote beaches and caves bright, shiny and Ajanta, Ellora, all together make this country an ideal destination for honeymooners to travel. And also to broaden the horizon of the work and imagination in India with great opportunities for adventure.


The wonderful city of Phnom Penh to Seim Reap, exciting, and can be a romantic getaway that Cambodia can be added to the list of honeymoon. You can spend hours relaxing in the pool, and indulge in cultural trips, and treat yourself to one or more international cuisine to celebrate the precious moments of your team work on some charming guesthouses and centers romantic vacation. Ancient monuments provide a fascinating background to capture images of romantic honeymoon.

6.Sri Lanka

Have a wonderful time amidst the canyons of coconut trees and golden beaches and coral reefs. A romantic trip through Asia, “Treasure Island” exotic, and Sri Lanka give a sense of rhythm and feeling weak and unclear. Dynamic and Bentota beaches Hikkaduva offer endless possibilities for fun and entertainment experience for a lifetime.

Ideal tropical climate all year round, and accommodation options is incredible, and luxury food in Asia and, of course, a perfect romantic atmosphere; transfer you unforgettable memories in these destinations. Relax and unwind in the gardens of the honeymoon at the end of the day, where you can get more value for your dollar.