5 Unusual Honeymoon Vacation Options in Florida

flickr / Sue Schlimme

Honeymoons no longer have a set agenda as they once did. In the past, a honeymoon usually consisted of a week off of work and travel to an idyllic setting where the newlyweds could focus on nothing more than themselves and their new status as a married couple. However, in more recent times honeymoons have begun to move away from the perpetual paradise backdrop and moved onto adventurous and unusual travel experiences.

1.The Florida Everglades

If you are not familiar with what the Everglades have to offer, you may be a bit hesitant to consider this as an option for your honeymoon. The Everglades is not what some may perceive them to be. One simply needs to take a short jaunt into the Everglades to realize it offers far more than a swampy area full of alligators. No need to even consider having to camp out for your honeymoon as many still think that the Everglades only have campground accommodations.

Head to The Ivey House and enjoy a luxurious stay at The Inn, the Lodge, or The Cottage. The Ivey House also has its own set of adventure packages for the newlyweds who want to enjoy the mystery and beauty of the Florida Everglades. Couples can also plan their own Everglades adventure which could include one of the many activities available in the area, most of them year-round. The Everglades is known for its many eco-tourism options.

  • Visit the Manatees
  • Boat Tours
  • Swamp Buggy Races / Airboat Tours
  • Back Country Experience
  • Canoeing and Kayaking

If you and your new spouse could find yourselves happy in a setting that includes wild backcountry eco-tourist adventure, the Florida Everglades may be the perfect spot for your honeymoon.

2.Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Once featured on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Jules Undersea Lodge offers a unique perspective on accommodation options in and around the ocean. In this case, you are actually under the sea. Whether you are a skilled diver or a complete amateur you can enjoy the unusual perspective of life on the floor of the ocean.

Customers who choose the Ultimate Romantic Getaway Package will find the peace and beauty of the lodge experience like no other they have had previously. The package comes with guaranteed exclusive use of the world’s only hotel underwater. Fresh flowers and mood music provided by the lodge will certainly give you and your new mate some absolutely uninterrupted one-on-one time. In addition, all visitors to the Undersea Lodge will receive their PADI certification for the trip to and from the lodge.

3.Yurt Tree House Lodge

Perhaps you both enjoy the outdoors but are hesitant to make your honeymoon into one that has as many physical requirements as all-out camping can. Standing approximately thirty-five miles north of Gainesville, the Yurt Tree House is built on two stories and includes a clear dome overhead allowing for a full view of the sun, moon, and stars. Visitors do have access to cooking facilities as well as full options on more modern bedroom options such as beds, carpeting, and pillows. The Yurt Tree House is accessible by land or via the Santa Fe River.

If you only want to spend your honeymoon with each other, visitors can make use of the available Hydrobikes, canoes, hiking trails, or bicycles. If you want to get out and about in a city you can visit nearby Gainesville for endless options in dining, shopping, and leisure activities.

4.Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you and your new mate have an affinity for the animal world, the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge may be able to provide you with the spirit of Africa. Bring the feel of the wild, but with all of the luxurious amenities, you have come to know from Disney resorts to your honeymoon experience.

Visitors will find thousands of indigenous shrubs, plants, and animals at the Animal Kingdom Lodge exciting and breathtaking at once. Expect to see such animals as:

  • Zebras
  • Impalas
  • Wildebeests
  • Giraffes
  • Flamingos

Expect to find delicious African cuisine along with other common local foods. Magnificently decorated rooms are part of the magic that Disney resorts are known to bring to life and there is no shortage of choices here with 1293 guestrooms that feature wifi and other common luxury amenities. Nestled on 33 acres of faux African Savannah it is common to wake up to find huge Giraffes standing a dozen feet or less from your balcony or windows. Plenty of swimming, gaming, and even the Zahanati Massage & Fitness Center provides plenty of opportunities for leisure activities.

5.The Lagoon Waterfront Cottage at Parmer’s Resort

Parmer’s Resort on Little Torch Key in Florida is a waterfront travel and vacation resort with the expected amenities, waterside decking, and old Keys charm. However, the Lagoon Waterfront Cottage offers newlyweds the chance to own their own secluded, adult lagoon. Recently remodeled, the Lagoon Cottage provides the perfect, private island getaway in and out of the water.

The cottage includes two bedrooms with King sized beds. One room includes a wall of windows that enable a breathtaking view of the sunrise as it crests over the water each morning. The other includes a 45″ LCD TV and is a great place for newlyweds to tuck in for a nice nap during their visit.  A full kitchen allows you to enjoy any fare you choose while the dining area faces the water and is surrounded by large crystal clear windows so that each meal comes with a million-dollar view of your private honeymoon lagoon. Do not miss the twilight view from this gorgeous perspective.

Florida has many unusual and out-of-the-way holiday and travel destinations that are not widely marketed. Always check around for relevant Florida vacation guides that could help you with your final decision. One of the best ways to find the perfect unusual honeymoon destination for you and your partner may be to jump on the social networks and inquire to your friends and followers about their Florida experiences. If all else fails to take to the digital airwaves and reach out to those Florida destinations via email to see what they have to offer you, you can often get important discounts or rewards for calling ahead.