5 Best Places In Canada To Visit In Summer And Winter

5 Places To Visit In Canada
flickr / Tamara Polajnar

Canada is just a very large country that sits on an enormous mass of land, so large in fact that it’s one of the largest countries in the world by land size. With so many different cities and so much to do when here, you always have some grand reasons to visit Canada.

The people are very hospitable and friendly and you can enjoy having many different things to do, places to see, festivals to attend and much more. So no matter what you think comprises an amazing vacation, Canada has it covered for you. To better apprise you and keep you informed for when planning your next vacation, here are the top five places to visit when in Canada. Unsurprisingly, Ottawa ranks as number one.

1.Ontario Ottawa

One of the largest cities in Canada, and also its capital city, Ottawa has much to offer tourists, as does the nearby surrounding region of Ontario. A city that is very rich in the cultures of Canadians and one that offers more historic buildings than nearly anywhere else in Canada; it’s loaded with museums, historical houses and places, and lots more. Enjoy winter ice skating on the Rideau Canal, watch the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill or enjoy water sports on the Great Lakes during the summertime. And make sure to catch your fair share of massive annual festivals that make their way to this city each year.  

Prince Edward Island

This place looks and feels almost like it’s right out of an epic film. The serene setting consists of lush and green rolling pastures and meadows complimented by the world-famous cliffs that are comprised mostly of red soil and that offer a spectacular view of the ocean. No wonder this island paradise is a vacation destination in Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Is a happening and burgeoning metropolis that offers many amenities for tourists. From the upbeat and captivating night life, that is comparable to any other major city in the world, to the whale watching and ski resorts, you won’t find yourself bored for a minute when in Vancouver. Boating, camping and hiking are must-dos while here as well.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

A must-see if you really want to take in all that Canada has to offer to its many visitors. The main attraction: One of the world’s largest natural waterfalls, Niagara Falls. It’s also listed on the “Top Ten List” in Canada for sights to see. The surrounding city offers luxury casino resorts and ski resorts, so there’s plenty more to see and do while you are here.

Quebec City, Quebec

If you want to see a transplant of France to North American, particularly Paris, you’ll find it here. Entirely unique from the rest of Canada, Quebec is actually one of the world’s largest entirely walled cities, stemming from its days as a French Fort and onwards. Don’t miss the Chateaux Frontenac which offers tantalizing views of the Lawrence River. And make sure that you take a tour of the Old City.