4 Wild and Wonderful Mexico Honeymoon Destinations

flickr / Lucy Nieto

If you are planning a wild and adventurous Mexico Honeymoon you will definitely have a wide variety of choices in destinations from which to choose. Mexico honeymoon guides are full of some of the most popular destinations, however, some of the greatest jewels in Mexico are not in the common guides, but far better hidden, and for reasons benefiting the guest who find them.

1.Le Blanc Spa Resort ~ Cancun, Mexico

If you are looking for a lush and relaxing setting to spend your newlywed days and happening nightlife to revitalize your nights, take a ride to the Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun Mexico. This adult-only resort supplies you with top-notch accommodations and amenities. The beach and coastline of Le Blanc are secluded and the entire resort is set up so that visitors can do whatever they want in the dream-like setting of a lush tropical paradise.

Expect to spend your days being pampered in the spa, or relaxing, au naturel, if you so desire, on the beach, or by one of the three shimmering pools. Tour the ancient ruins nearby, or hike through the Yucatan jungle. No matter where you go while on Le Blanc territory, there will be a staff member nearby to see to any immediate needs you may have. There is likely no other city in Mexico with the nightlife that Cancun enjoys. Whether you would like to dance the night away with your new spouse or relax in a laid back lounge, Cancun has something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to visit the live music venues or taste test the local fare before you leave Cancun.

2.Diving and Dolphins in Acapulco

If your honeymoon destination includes Acapulco, reserve a tour for the Dolphin Swim and the Diving Adventure. The CiCi water park in Acapulco not only has a plethora of waterslides and a wave pool for your enjoyment, but they also have a Dolphin Swim that most anyone can truly enjoy and take away as a lifelong memorable experience.

You will first spend some time with an instructor getting to know more about how dolphins live and communicate. Then you are given an unforgettable and educational experience as they jump and splash around you, showing you some of their special tricks and even allowing you to touch and kiss them if you like. Visitors can also stay and view them in a collaborative show they put on several times a day. Beginner or expert divers will truly enjoy a day full of incredible diving adventure while exploring the local submarine world as well as beautiful Roqueta Island. Roqueta Island is protected and has an incredible variety of fauna and flora in addition to fabulous diving and snorkeling spots. Dive down to an old sunken ship dating back to 1944 and visit some of the most spectacular untouched reefs imaginable. Divers with certifications are allotted two tanks while beginners are given one. Expect to spend around four hours on this diving excursion.

3.Costa Azul Adventure Resort ~ San Pancho, Mexico

If you are looking for a honeymoon package that will keep you both as active and adventure-minded as possible, consider booking Costa Azul Adventure Resort and purchasing The Classic Adventure Package. This vacation package will provide you with a non-stop adventure of many kinds. Expect to experience:

Zip Line Adventures
Snorkeling in the Marietta’s
Yelepa Day Trips
Horseback Riding
Beginner and Advanced Surfing Excursions
The delicious cuisine and five-star amenities will take care of every need you have that does not directly relate to your next adventure.

4.Ruins of Palenque ~ Chiapas, Mexico

On this Rainforest to Ruins adventure, travelers will tour the Ruins of Palenque that sit at the base of Sierra Madre del Sur. An important power center during its time, this Mayan civilization dates back to 100 B.C. The tour includes visiting many archeological sites as well as a venture into the Chan Kah Resort Village. Explore Templo de las Inscripciones, Templo de las Pinturas, the ruins of Yaxchitlán, and Frontera Corozal’s archeological sites. Enjoy nights of traditional cuisine with live music.

Travelers will enjoy the Rainforest to Ruins adventure by way of boat, bike, and foot travel. Animal lovers may take notice of everything from the calls of the howler monkeys to crocodiles and indigenous heron. Enjoy fully adventurous days while still enjoying the comfort of fine resorts, hotels, or haciendas. There are plenty of adventures to be had in Mexico. Make sure you consult with honeymoon guides for Mexico before making firm decisions so you can begin planning your itinerary.