35 Famous Meals Identified with 35 Countries While Traveling the World

photo source : flickr / jennifer yin

If you say I love traveling and I love to taste new tastes, this list is for you.

1. Austria: Wiener Schnitzel

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the first meal that comes to mind when you think of Austria. Thin slices of veal are mixed with breadcrumbs and fried in oil. It is served with lemon slice and parsley. Germany and Austria have not been able to share this dish for years. A source of controversy between the two countries is long-standing.

2. China: Beijing Duck with Orange

The most famous dish in China, which has a rich cuisine, is a duck. Origin of Yuan Dynasty in the 1200s and based on the Peking duck, eat He was of the royal family in the past. The duck’s meat is soaked in maltose syrup until it turns brown, and its skin is soaked in sugar-garlic sauce. The duck is served with sweet bean sauce, spring onions and Chinese lavash. Orange duck they introduce them to the world.

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Cevapi

The meatball answer , which is based on the Ottoman Empire, is a taste you should eat.

4. ABD: Hamburger

Allegedly, this flavor was the invention of European immigrants traveling to the United States in the 1800s with the Hamburg Line ships and got its name, which means “from Hamburg” in German. Of course, the biggest export of the USA affecting the whole world is not returned from this country without eating hamburgers. It is not necessary to describe its taste and recipe, but we must say that its origin is Europe.

5. Poland: Bigus

Is there any meal that looks so good and delicious? Bigus is a traditional dish that has been made for many years. In 385 it was presented by Polish king Władysław Jagiełlo for his hunting friends. The use of hunted animal meats in food allows you to make bigoo using a wide variety of meats. In addition to meat, another major role in this dish was cabbage. You know the sprouts of Poland are very famous.

6. Italy: Pizza

The birthplace of pizza is known as the city of Naples in Southern Italy. The name of the Neapolitan pizza comes from here. There is no need to describe this flavor. We all know its taste very well, but Italian pizza is another delicious one. Those who go and eat say so.

7. Lebanon: Falafel

Falafel, a hearty Lebanese flavor, is one of the most popular snacks in the Middle East. Enjoy; chickpeas take it from fresh greens and dry spices. Served with tahini or garlic yogurt.

8. South Korea: Bulgogi

Bulgogi is one of the most famous dishes in Korean cuisine. In Korean, ‘bul’ means fire, and ‘gogi’ means meat. Briefly, bulgogi obtained by cooking marinated meat at high temperatures is the backbone of barbecue culture in Korea.

9. Hungary: Goulash

Meat cooked with helmeted water and vegetables is one of the must-try dishes in Hungary. If you have rice with you, you can feel yourself at your mother’s house.

10. Barbados: Cuckoo and Flying Fish

Barbados, who is Rihanna’s hometown, love flying fish. The country’s most famous dish is Cuckoo with spicy gravy sauce and fried flying fish.

11. Belgium: Moules-Frites

If you like mussels, you lived! This meal, which consists of french fries and mussels, can be considered as a main dish if you wish. Of course, Belgians have many different cooking methods. For example, they cook and serve with wine, tomato juice, butter or various herbs. Besides their favorite mussels, they usually consume their beer.

12. Ukraine: Borscht (beetroot) Soup

The borscht soup, which is a very old traditional region soup, is a hearty meal with plenty of meat and vegetables on a single plate. It is also very famous in countries such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Russia. When it is made without adding beet and tomato paste, it is called green borscht (zelioni). But configure the traditional one with beets. He doesn’t want anything other than just a sourdough slice with him. For those who say I don’t eat without bread. Bors (borscht) soup is served with sour cream.

13. Brazil: Feijoada

This enormous dish created by Mexican bean and steak brings together Brazil to eat. Feijoada, meaning bean; Cooked with tomato paste, pork, beef, and black beans. It is usually served with rice, cabbage, hot sauce and a slice of orange.

14. Canada: Poutine

Well, Canadians knew the taste of their mouth, look at these ingredients. It is a dish with lots of calories as well as flavor balls made from fries, gravy sauce, and curd cheese.

15. Serbia: Pleskavitsa

This meatball can be compared to the flattened and thinned ones of gourmet burger patties. It is quite oily and gets its flavor from here and, interestingly, it is served with cream.

16. Syria: Stuffed meatballs

Stuffed meatballs is also a flavor that cannot be shared in the Middle East. Syrians make kibbeh in 10 different types. The birth of icli kofte dates back to the 1700s. This dish, derived from the word kofta, which is derived from the Persian origin in our language, took the final form when the word dome, which means round, ball in Arabic, changed over time and took the name of kibbe. While there are two kinds of varieties known in Turkey, along with potato dumplings stuffed according to different recipes in the Middle East it is also available.

17. Singapore: Pepper Crab

18. Japan: Sushi

When you think of Japan, you think of sushi first? Of course, many do not like them. Sushi; Served by placing ingredients such as fish, other seafood, or vegetables (neta) on or in boiled rice (schis) flavored with rice vinegar and sugar.

19. Spain: Paella

Paella is a dish that will not be foreign to Turkish Cuisine at all. A special flavor that can consist of garlic, tomato, meat, chicken, or seafood. Paella is one of Spain’s world-famous dishes such as tapas and tortilla.

20. England: Roast Beef / Yorkshire Pudding

The British don’t have such ambitious cuisine. But Roast Beef is a delicious dish. England’s national dish is considered. Grilled steak and the Yorkshire pudding served with it are served like a side dish, with a meat sauce.

21. France: Pancakes

The pancakes, which come out of France and reach the kitchen of our mothers, are eaten as sweet or salty. It is claimed that Crepe was born from a mistake made by a 14-year-old waiter at the beginning of the 19th century. The young waitress is trying to make a dessert for Edward, Prince of Wales. Although it seemed unsuccessful at the time, a taste is presented to the world of food and drink.

22. Malaysia: Nasi Lemak

This dish, made of coconut milk cooked rice and pandan leaves, is served in banana leaves with hot peppers, anchovies, peanuts and boiled eggs. This dish was consumed at breakfast in the past.

23. Mexico: Mole Sauce

Sir, there are more than 100 ingredients in this sauce. When you taste it, you can feel the chocolate and spices at the same time. Two states to be accepted as the birthplace of this sauce, which is used in many dishes from Taco to enchilada; Puebla and Oaxaca are still at war.

24. Morocco: Tajin

Tajin is the name of both the food and the earthen vessels in which it was cooked. The tajin dish made with spices, olives, lemon vegetables and chicken or lamb is served with couscous. The origins of food go back to the days when North Africa was conquered by Muslims.

25. South Africa: Biltong

Biltong is usually made from dried antelope meat and a variety of spices. This meat product, which is similar to dry sausage, is consumed as a snack especially on long journeys. Biltong’s history, which is created by preserving all kinds of meats including ostriches with salt and spices, goes back to South African natives.

26. Slovakia: Bryndzove Halusky

It is served with cheese and bacon made from sheep’s milk on small potato dumplings. It is the most popular Slovak dish.

27. Scotland: Smoked Salmon

In Scotland, salmon is served with cream cheese or butter.

28. Saudi Arabia: Kabsah

It is a delicious pilaf made with cloves, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, coconut and bay leaves. It is served with vegetables or meat.

29. India: Tandoori Chicken

It is very difficult to choose only one of the Indian cuisines whose fame has spread all over the world. But we chose Tandoori chicken for its most traditional dish. Tandoori is a method of cooking meat, which is bottled in a well-lit fire. The chicken we have is not very separate with the skewer. It is usually served with vegetables, yogurt and rice.

30. Indonesia: Martabak Manis / Terang Bulan

Martabak Manis, Indonesian style quite thick and sweet pancakes. It is filled with fluff and chocolate, peanut or banana pieces, such as sponge cake. It is even sprinkled on top. It is mostly eaten on the street in Indonesia.

31. Greece: Souvlaki Kalamaki

Souvlaki is one of the most basic fast food dishes in Greece. A meal in which pieces of meat, slightly larger than the dump, are lined up. It is eaten by squeezing half a lemon on it and is usually served with French fries and pita bread slightly thicker than lavash.

32. Venezuela: Pabellon Criollo

Pabellon criollo; This is a dish served with rice, black beans and finely chopped meat, which Venezuelans call “desmechada”. It is served with a fried egg and a wild type of banana called plantin.

33. Argentina: Asado

Asado is a form of barbecue where delicious meats and steaks are made in South America. Argentina ranks first in the world in meat exports, but the taste of Asado, which is eaten especially in the countryside of Argentina, was another.

34. Australia: Pie Floater

This is a meal that seems like medicine for the hangover. It is an Australian style meat pie served on pea soup. Sometimes it is served with tomato sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper.

35. Norway: Rakfisk

Rakfisk is trout fermented for several months. After the fermentation process, it is served with onion and cream without cooking.

BONUS: Turkey / Kebab

Turkey that we have so many original tastes of which reshape. But the world knows about the kebab Turkey also has to accept it.