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17 interesting facts about ancient Greece that you probably haven’t heard of before

These are interesting facts that shed light on one of the most interesting periods in history.

1. Classical Greek culture firstly BC. It was shaped in the 5th and 4th centuries. It would not be wrong to say that this culture is the basis of the Roman Empire and Western civilization.

2. Ancient Greek democracy was the first example of democracy in the world and lasted only 185 years.

3. During this period, 40% to 80% of the Athens population consisted of slaves.

4. Again in this period, Ancient Greece had the most developed economy in the world.

5. People were doing their exercises naked.

6. Children who were 7 years old were sent to school if they were living in Athens and military training when they were living in Sparta.

7. It was customary for rich family children to be specifically trained by an older mentor. In some cases, it would also be that these mentors had a pedophilic love for their students.

8. The word school is derived from the Greek word for “leisure time”.

9. The word ‘idiot’ was used to mean ‘non-politician’.

10. The discoveries of mathematicians of the period such as Pitagoras, Euclid, and Archimedes in this field are still in use.

11. Throwing an apple to someone during this period meant a declaration of love.

12. The word ‘dinosaur’ derives from the Greek word ‘scary lizard’.

13. During this period, it was possible to buy slaves in exchange for salt.

14. During this period, there was no word corresponding to the word ‘religion’.

15. The idea that the Sun was the center of other planets was first brought up by Aristarchus of Samos during this period.

16. The word ‘music’ came from ‘Muse’, the name given to the goddesses of art during this period.

17. Ancient Greeks were a water-loving nation. They were taking a shower every day.

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