15 Recipes to Bring Italian Cuisine to Your Home

Italian cuisine is one of the kitchens that many people love. I am sure that it has made you fall in love with its flavors close to the Mediterranean flavors and perfect desserts. If you think about how to make Italian cuisine at home, here is proof of how simple it is!

1. Let’s start with the soup first. Minestrone Soup will warm you like an Italian!

Minestrone is a soup with lots of vegetables and of course homemade noodles. In short, it is one of the soups that contain every ingredient that Italians have in the kitchen. It may be one of the soups you prefer when winter comes.

2. If I said soup, I wouldn’t say the one with the fish!

Italians, like us, from the fish-loving societies, use the fish in every meal, and the Italians did not skip the soup.

3. If you want a light snack, let me introduce you to Bruschetta.

The best proof of this is one of those Italians who understand freshness. The best proof of this is one of those Italians who understand freshness. The combination of garlic basil and tomato with crunchy bread …

4. Italians also evaluate the dishes from yesterday

Risotto is a kind of Italian pilaf and these balls are made from that pilaf. So if you ate risotto the night before, you can make these delicious snacks the next day.

5. What an Italian knows best is to perfect vegetables!

Imagine that you can eat spinach and eggplant in the same dish. Here is the real state of this dream spinach and eggplant wrap with risotto filling!

6. When it comes to Italian cuisine, fresh herbs and olive fraternity do not leave us.

If you want to make a perfect chicken dish with the aroma of olives and the smell of fresh herbs.

7. How about a fish-flavored with a little wine when I say good fish?

Italians know how to combine what they understand in a pot. The best example of this is this fish!

8. If you imagine cornbread in a dish, its name will be Polenta, and its mushroom will be beautiful too!

A kind of puree made of polenta corn flour, you should try the pollenta, which is considered as a side dish of Italian cuisine, with mushrooms.

9. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Italy is pizza! But this is a little bit different.

Instead of giving you an ordinary pizza recipe, I thought of giving Calzone, a closed pizza recipe. It is both easier to do and can remove as much material as you wish.

10. Nothing can replace the rationale in us, but it is also worth trying the Italians!

Ravioli is a kind of ravioli, its filling is usually with spinach or cheese. But this time the famous sauce of Italians is pesto.

11. Speaking of ravioli, one should not forget that it is made from potatoes: Gnocchi

Gnocchi, which is generally served with tomato sauce, is a kind of pasta. But it is made with potatoes.

12. Italians can perfect everything with cheese.

“Now what is this disgusting like Mignon mush?” Compared to the pilaf in our country, this pilaf looks like porridge, it is much more delicious!

13. Time for desserts … Cannoli with lots of creamy crunchy sweet!

Cannoli, one of the most beautiful tastes of Italy, is a dessert sold on the streets. It is served with delicious cream-filled in the fried sweet crispy doughs.

14. No one knows about tiramisu, what about ice cream?

How about adding ice cream to the perfect flavor of Tiramisu?

15. Italians are coffee people, they don’t like to leave their coffee empty.

Biscotti, almond biscuits, or cookies are indispensable for the Italians. They may be the favorite taste of your tea time.