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15 Delicious Recipes From The Cuisine Of France, Which Shouldn’t Be Forgotten With Only The Eiffel Tower

The interest in world cuisines is increasing day by day.
French, Italian aside, Japanese, Hindi, and Mexican are slowly becoming popular.
We have decided to consider the cuisine of a country every week for you.
Let’s see how the rest of the world feeds on the stomach.
We start with France, which is considered the leading country in the world of gastronomy.
Fransız gastronomi dünyasının babası kabul edilen Marie-Antoine Carême adlı bir şef-yazar ile başlayan bu yolculuk, Georges Auguste Escoffier ya da “aşçıların kralı ve kralların aşçısı” ile oturaklı bir sisteme başladı. Sonrasında bayrak dünyaca ünlü Paul Bocusse’e ve şimdilerde dünyanın her yerinde restoranları olan Alain Ducasse, Joel Rebouchon, Daniel Boulud’a devroluyor.
Now we open you to the French gastronomic seas with recipes and more!

1.Onion Soup

Our first classic French dish.
It’s the kind of start you can find in almost any cafe in France.
Prepared with roasted onion, broth, Gruyere cheese, and bread.

2.Boeuf Bourguignon

This recipe, which is cooked for a long time on a low fire and is a hunting dish of the Burgundy region, changes over time and starts to be served with pasta under it. It usually contains meat, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, and wine.
It cooks for hours and delivers wine protein, which is cooked with meat. As a result, it makes the softly tattered. We can say that it is a pleasant alternative to pasta.

3.Coq au Vin

Again, like a recipe above, it is desirable to cook for hours on a low heat in a cast pot in a wine sauce.
It contains shallots, mushrooms, and fresh thyme.

4.Duck / Canard à l’orange

Duck meat is widely used in France. This recipe consists of glazed orange sauce on top of the duck. A highly preferred recipe in France.

5.Salade Niçoise

This salad, named after the region of Nice; stands out with the use of tuna and anchovies. They teach this salad with its original presentation in the training normally given in schools. This means that boiled potatoes, green beans, eggs, greens, tomatoes, and olives are placed separately on the plate next to the tone and anchovy.

6.Steak Tartare

It is a recipe that will not appetite for those who do not like raw meat, but lovers can not give up. It is obtained by chopping quality meat raw and mixing it with onions and sauces.
It is usually served with raw egg yolk, toast, pickles, and matchsticks.


Yes, you did not guess wrong.
These are snails, but one of the most demanded snacks in France.
I realized when we had to eat it by force in the cooking school that the heavy sauce made in it contains 4 kilograms of garlic and butter, so you cannot taste the insect, so it is a little tricky.

8.Croque Monsieur

When you go to a bistro in France, one of the things you will most want to eat will be this “toast”.
This meal, made of Gruyere or Emmental cheese between two pieces of bread, continues with ham. Finally, it ends with bechamel sauce and grated cheese.
The wife of this recipe is Croque Madamme, on top of that, there are extra fried eggs.

9.Sole Meuniere

In the southern region of French cuisine; fish and sea creatures in the northern region; mostly stews and intense sauces, in the middle part; and classic French dishes, which many of us know, are eaten.
When it comes to fish, the first flounder comes to mind. In France, this recipe is made from a light fry of butter. Complemented with little capers, a little lemon juice, and a little parsley.

10.Quiche Lorraine

Kiş; Although it is a pastry in Germany, the French people in the Loren region take the event and develop this popular recipe with cream, cheese, and delicatessen.


Good news to you!
Whatever desserts and pastries you can think of, usually come out of French cuisine.
Baguette, sourdoughs, brioches, and puff pastry are preferred in pastries. Desserts are too much to count.
When it is opened, let’s talk about this crunchy, soft inside cookie made of almond flour first.
Now, the macaroons, which are made almost every aroma, and even salty-sweet mixed, which has been tried in the last few days, even the baklava, gives the right when it is made right.

12.Croissant / Pain au Chocolat

This pastry made from puff pastry is a breakfast product that is consumed almost everywhere, not in France. Wherever you go to the world, croissants are always served at the continental breakfast. However, I can guarantee that you cannot eat what is done in France anywhere else. The first reason for this is; The second is that the animals grown in the Alps are produced with butter, and the second is that they make the puff pastry manually without getting tired. Pain au Chocolat is another type of chocolate in a croissant.

13.Tarte Tatin

An amazing dessert that was brought up by the Tatin brothers because the apples were accidentally forgotten in the oven!
First, apples are caramelized with cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and then the puff pastry is covered and turned upside down.
It is served with whipped cream.


This dessert, which we are not foreigners, is one of the blessings that France has offered us. Another brother of the supplements, which is a mixture of pastry cream with a dough called “Pate a choux”, is profiterole.
The additions that we normally add to chocolate are sold in France with all kinds of flavors, caramel, pistachio, and raspberry.

15.Cheeses and wines and more

The homeland of the most beautiful and perfumed cheeses in France.
Kamamber, Brie, Komte, Roquefort, Chevre, Munster and more …
Unlike us, they do not eat cheese either at breakfast or at the beginning of a meal.
In France, the culture of eating cheese is left after eating or even after dessert. It is claimed to be digestive and is consumed with the best-known wines of France (such as Bordeaux, Chardonnay, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot).

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